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If you’re a one man band, you won’t need a timesheet or diary notes to remind you who to bill anymore. If you’ve got a few guys to look after, you’ll no longer need to spend hours checking their timesheets, and they’ll no longer have to spend time producing one.

Say goodbye to the dreaded task of manual timekeeping. iTrade’s automated timesheets ensure that you get job time capturing right the first time.

Workers can view and edit their own timesheets to update and ensure accuracy. Including sick and holiday with reasons for edit. Have certainty with GPS data recorded next to jobs.

Automated Timesheets Features Include:

  • Fast and easy setup

  • Workers are able to review and edit their own timesheets

  • No need for manual timesheet reconciliation

  • View GPS data next to timesheet jobs

  • Easily view current and previous timesheets

  • Ability to add sick and holiday leave downtime

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Why use our Automated Timesheets?

Bring your business fully into the digital age. No more mucking around with pieces of paper. Get your timesheets by smartphone, synced with GPS data. Automatically reconciled to job calendar. This is the advancement Time Sheets have been waiting for. Join the future.

Get Started with your FREE trial today!

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