Frequently asked questions

Does iTrade have maintance reminders?

Yes we have a maintenance reminder report you can create, you are able to customise these reports by date field. This means you can have date installed, date service due and any other you can think of. Even send to all customers for your Christmas hours.

Can I see Profit and Loss?

Yes. Projects in iTrade have a simple display to calculate your profit and loss for each project. You can also have full Profit & Loss analysis with reporting.

Can I do progress payments?

Projects have an invoicing module within that project enabling users to create an unlimited number of progress invoices throughout the duration of the project. iTrade also tracks invoices against the total project amount and provides a billing to date report.

Do I have to create a job to invoice?

No, with our new Xero 0auth 2.0 you have full control. You can create invoices directly in iTrade and send them to customers. We will record all your invoices against that customer account.

Do I have to update customer details in Xero?

With our Xero integration you only have to update customers, materials or suppliers in iTrade and we will automatically sync this new information with Xero.

Does iTrade have Project Variations?

Yes iTrade allows you to add variations within projects, in fact from our Apps you can even have your customer sign your variations, alternatively you can provide a quote to your customer for a variation and, on approval, import the quote into the project as a variation.

Can I import my supplier's price book?

Yes, you can import unlimited supplier price books into iTrade. They should be in CSV format. You can also do a global price increase for any supplier or all suppliers.

Can I import my Customers?

Yes, we can import your customers into iTrade from a CSV file. They can also be imported very quickly and easily from Xero.

What is a field worker?

A field worker is a staff member for whom you can book jobs to within your iTrade account and who uses our Apps to carry out their work. We also prepare timesheets for field workers based on App usage.

Does the iTrade App work offline?

Yes, you can use the iTrade Apps when you run out of data or are outside of reception. You can continue running a job without disruption and even create new jobs on the Apps when you have no connection. When the Field Worker returns to coverage or WiFi, the jobs will sync up automatically including all their notes, charges and photos.

Can I limit my staff access?

Yes, all staff members can have permissions set as required to suit your business requirements.

Can I track my supplier invoices?

Yes, you can have your suppliers email their bills directly into your “iTrade Supplier Inbox” and from there you can preview them, add a note, assign to someone else, associate with the relevant job or project and push to Xero ready to be paid.

Can I customize my pricing?

Yes, all customers have price tier options, also all material and time have 3 options for pricing. You can set default labour rates, apply discounts per customer.

What Calendar view do you have?

You can have a day, week or even custom view of the calendar. This means you can see all your workers and jobs in 1 place.

Can I set my own working hours?

Yes you can set your default hours to only show them on the calendar, If you end up working outside these hour, we will automatically adjust the calendar to view these jobs.

How do I book leave for staff?

Under our staff module you can book annual leave for your staff. This will block out that day on the calendar and push this annual leave day to their timesheet.

Can I record unpaid or paid breakers?

Simply pause your current job and start an unpaid or paid break. We will push this time to your timesheet once you complete your break.

Can I create tasks for staff?

You can create tasks for staff to ensure everyone knows what's happening. Might be an early finish to head out as a team with all the time iTrade has saved you.

Can I create recurring jobs?

Yes, you can set up recurring jobs. This means you only have to enter the information once and we will automatically create the next visit for you. Simple.

What do I do when I am waiting for parts to arrive?

Once you are finished at the job for the day, send it back as a revisit with a note about parts required or order. This will return the job back to the current list and be marked as resivit. Ready for you to rebook once everything is ready.

Can I see how much stock I have?

We currently don’t have stock levels, This feature will be coming soon. However we do 3 tiered pricing options, individual customer pricing, labour rates and much more.

Can I track if my marketing is working?

With iTrade you can record your customer source, this will help you better understand which marketing is working.

Do I have to pay for my office staff?

No! All admin staff are FREE, we are just that kind.