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Import any number of your suppliers price books, Create and name up to 3 different sell price categories. Create your own Kitsets, Backup, Restore and Export your materials inventory. Change descriptions to more ‘Customer Friendly’ descriptions (or add your own ‘My Code’ descriptions) that remain unchanged when re¬importing suppliers price list. Add unlimited labour items.

Ultra-flexible options coupled with standard industry defaults makes managing materials a breeze.

Years of testing, research and client feedback mean this is a highly adaptable solution that will work out of the box or customise to suit any job.

Materials Management Software Features:

  • Lightning-fast setup, import supplier price books with ease

  • Create your own kitsets for quick billing.

  • 3 custom price levels included

  • Per customer pricing options built-in

  • Important permission settings: you choose who sees which prices

  • Awesome options like ‘charge by height and width’

  • Unlimited labour rates

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Why use our Materials Management Software?

Spend more of your time running your business and less worrying about managing materials. Let iTrade’s custom system take the burden. Everything you can imagine has been thought of and tested live with real businesses just like yours. We are confident that this is the most robust materials management system for tradies available!

Get Started with your FREE trial today!

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