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iTrade compare job management software


When it comes to job management software for tradesmen, how do you compare? Which tradesman app is best for your business?

Here are a number of apps together with these three aspects, so that you can see for yourself which is best for you.

There are three aspects of the app that you should consider:

  • Features - Which app does what you need it to?

    • job scheduling ​

    • job costing / quoting

    • automated timesheets

    • booking confirmations

    • van restocking lists

    • dispatching options

    • field initiated jobs

    • signature capture

    • interactive maps

    • staff management

    • staff analysis

    • compliance certificates

    • custom fields

    • integration with XERO, etc 

  • Price - Which app is the best value for money?

    • How much per manager or administrator?

    • How much per tradesman/field staff?

    • What about sub-contractors?

    • Does the app charge extra for add-on features?

    • Which is app will be affordable for your business when you are just starting out?

    • What about when you grow? Are there discounts as your team grows?

  • Scalability - How many field staff will the app support?

    • Some are limited to 20 users.

    • Some apps allow you to form teams with a limited number of field staff per team

    • Others have unlimited field staff in unlimited teams.

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