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Tradify vs Fergus vs iTrade

How do these three New Zealand grown apps compare? How does iTrade stack up against Tradify or Fergus? This comparison looks at price, scalability and features.

*   iTrade: Your first 7 field staff are $20 each per month,  each additional field staff are $10 each per month

** Fergus is a tiered system. Features listed above are only available on the highest pricing plan. 

    Every effort has been made to report features accurately. Other websites do not always have relevant information available.

Conclusion: iTrade has unbeatable features for an unbeatable price!

With iTrade your first 7 field staff are $20 each per month, with each additional field staff are $10 each per month.


Office staff and non-field managers are always FREE!

And because iTrade want you to get the job done right, first time every time, this is not a tiered pricing/features app.


All features are always available to all users.

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Scalability: iTrade works for Small, Medium or Large Businesses


iTrade’s pricing is perfect for small to medium firms, as well as large corporates.


iTrade has been developed in a way that has no limits on the number of dispatchers and field workers.


For example, you could have 20 dispatchers managing 20 field workers each, with each dispatcher having a custom view including only the staff they are managing

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"iTrade allowed me to put on an extra employee"

​I was time-poor doing all admin myself.  iTrade allowed me to put on an extra employee that I wouldn't have been able to before. Not having to use paper has been an organisational game-changer.


Josh MacKenzie,

Owner, Expert Electrician, Family Man

The Problem for Josh: Time Poor and Admin Heavy


Free time as a business owner can be hard to come by. With never-ending to-do lists, clients to manage, a team to lead, the last thing a business owner like Josh wants is problems with duplicating paperwork, confusing organisation systems, and difficulty invoicing.


Josh was facing a familiar problem to many business owners in the trades or managing on-site operations, as well as doing all of the admin himself.


Based on recommendations from other iTrade users, and the affordability of the program, Josh made the switch to our job management software, and soon saw great results in his business.

Duplicating paperwork was a specific gripe that Josh mentioned to us regarding his previous organisational system. Thankfully with iTrade's centralised and digital features, this problem was cleared right up!


"Not having to use paper has been an organisational game-changer. Gives more time to be out on choice."

The iTrade Solution: Simple features that reduce clutter and confusion.


As we mentioned previously, the greatest challenge Josh said he faced before introducing iTrade was paperwork duplication. We understand this issue all too well. Hence our entire job management program is a central, and digitised hub to keep everything a trades business could possibly need, in one easy-to-access place.

However, Josh and the team have found many other benefits to using the software. Some of his most utilised features from the software include:


Whether it’s tracking, accounting, timesheets, materials management, or any other administrative task in a trades business, these features are designed to offer simple solutions for our clients. We’re glad that these have worked for Josh in keeping track of the things that matter in his business.

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