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Tradify vs ServiceM8 vs iTrade

How do three of the big-gun tradesman apps compare? How does iTrade stack up against Tradify or ServiceM8? This comparison looks at price, scalability and features.

*   iTrade: Your first 7 field staff are $20 each per month,  each additional field staff are $10 each per month

** ServiceM8 is a tiered system with many features only available on the higher pricing plans.

    Every effort has been made to report features accurately. Other websites do not always have relevant information available.


"iTrade has helped grow our business to become more organised & to have better communication. "

It has also helped us during Covid-19 stage 4 restrictions in Melbourne as all businesses have to log where each staff member is at all times and this can be easily done using iTrade. It has helped our business save time!!

iTrade has definitely saved us a lot of time and headaches! We can squeeze jobs in a lot better and map out our week without being in the same room as each other.


Moreland Glass,


Conclusion: iTrade has unbeatable features for an unbeatable price!

With iTrade your first 7 field staff are $20 each per month, with each additional field staff are $10 each per month.


Office staff and non-field managers are always FREE!

And because iTrade want you to get the job done right, first time every time, this is not a tiered pricing/features app.


All features are always available to all users.

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Scalability: iTrade is great for Small, Medium or Large businesses


iTrade’s pricing is perfect for small to medium firms, as well as large corporates.


iTrade has been developed in a way that has no limits on the number of dispatchers and field workers.


For example, you could have 20 dispatchers managing 20 field workers each, with each dispatcher having a custom view including only the staff they are managing

Moreland Glass's Problem: Communication is Tricky When No One is in the Same Room.

It is a tale often told amongst tradespeople. How do you communicate effectively with your team when its members are barely in the same room?


They are out on the road attending to projects, buying materials, visiting warehouses, giving quotes, you name it. This is an industry friction point as old as the industry itself. Moreland Glass was no exception to these pressure points.

Thankfully, iTrade has capabilities and features to roll out all of the tracking and communication needed into one easy platform. From quoting to job management, time tracking, materials management, invoicing, and more.

"Feedback from staff and guys on the road is that it’s easy to use - the notifications are instant when uploaded. There are easy lines of communication."

The iTrade Solution: Instant Communication, Anytime, Anywhere.


After talking to Bridget from Moreland Glass, we established that communication was the most valuable asset that iTrade brought to the table. She shared with us exactly how iTrade benefitted their business, why they chose us, and why they continue to choose us.


  • We notice that the management at iTrade is always constantly changing things to improve the way it works.

  • I have had a couple of inquiries with iTrade in the past year and they have always replied on the same day.

  • The software is affordable.

  • Adding jobs straight to the schedule - this is very beneficial as last-minute jobs pop up all the time and need to be added to the schedule immediately.

  • Job notes feature - this feature is amazing as our staff can write updates on the job and we see it immediately.

  • The choice to have notifications if tradesmen are running late for jobs - this alerts us in the office and that way we can call the customer.

  • Invoicing feature is beneficial as the customer's information has already been saved previously and it can be sent with one click! Fantastic!!

  • Files and attachments are beneficial as we can attach quotes and photos which is very useful for both the tradies and the office staff.

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