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AroFlo vs SimPRo vs iTrade

*    iTrade: Your first 7 field staff are $20 each per month,  each additional field staff are $10 each per month

**   Aroflo is $150 per month for the first 3 users, and then $50 per month per additional user

*** SimPRO no longer show pricing. They are reputed to provide customised solutions at significantly greater cost than iTrade

    Every effort has been made to report features accurately. Other websites do not always have relevant information available.

iTrade: Unbeatable features for an unbeatable price!

Your first 7 field staff are $20 each per month, with each additional field staff are $10 each per month.


Office staff are always FREE!

And because we want you to get the job done right, first time every time, this is not a tiered pricing/features app.


All features are always available to all users.

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Small, Medium or Large


iTrade’s pricing is perfect for small to medium firms, as well as large corporates.


iTrade has been developed in a way that has no limits on the number of dispatchers and field workers.


For example, you could have 20 dispatchers managing 20 field workers each, with each dispatcher having a custom view including only the staff they are managing

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"iTrade allowed me to put on an extra employee"

​I was time-poor doing all admin myself.  iTrade allowed me to put on an extra employee that I wouldn't have been able to before. Not having to use paper has been an organisational game-changer.


Josh MacKenzie,

Owner, Expert Electrician, Family Man

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