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30 day free trial. No credit card required.

iTrade is easy to use, but don't let the straight forward interface fool you.

This is job management software specifically designed for tradesman, and is packed with powerful tools that help your business function to its full potential.

Job Scheduler


So the phone rings and the customer asks “When can you do it?” What do you do ­ scramble through your head or a bunch of papers? This may work most of the time but sometimes you’re going to forget about promises you’ve made or loose notes and eventually the stress is going to show, especially as your company grows. It’s easier with iTrade.
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Job Costing / Quoting


iTrade can simplify the quoting process and produce professional & beautiful looking quotes.
Anything from a single page basic quote to a multi­page proposal including your company logo, other marketing pictures/logo’s and PDF attachments which could include your terms of trade or colour brochures etc.

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Booking Confirmation


Send Text or Email job booking confirmations to your customers or staff. Texts can be sent automatically one, two or three days in advance and your customers replies are imbedded directly into the job notes section along with popup notifications and optional emails.

Van Restocking Printouts


The last thing you want is for you, or one of your guys, to turn up to a job without basic materials. iTrade’s Van Restocking report allow you to print out or email a list of materials used for each of your guys. Fax or email this as an order to your supplier for delivery and have it waiting for them next time they’re in ­ how cool is that?

Dispatching Options


With iTrade you choose how many jobs your guys will see on their mobile devices. You can select one at a time, two, three, full day or every job in the system booked for them. It’s your choice.

Field Initiated Jobs


Need to let your field workers create jobs in the field themselves? Or do you have someone ‘On-call’ for emergencies? No problem. Your mobile workers can select from your ‘existing customers’ list or create a new customer directly on their mobile device. In our view, job management software for tradesman needs to handle the basics as well as the more advanced features.

Planning the Job

From initial contact with the customer, right through to scheduled reminders for preventative maintenance, iTrade job management software makes it so easy to do it right the first time.

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On the Job

iTrade tradesman software saves time and effort, while adding clarity and reliability.

Signature Capture


Need to capture client signatures on completed jobs? No problem, iTrade allows your clients to sign ‘on­screen’ and saves the signature within the job for seven years.

Interactive Maps


Every job sent to your field workers includes an interactive map automatically zoomed in to show their current location and their destination say goodbye to map books.

Printable Job Cards


There are two reasons that we designed really nice looking printable job cards. Firstly you may, from time to time, use a sub­contractor without an iPad (yes it does happen) so he can either pick up his jobs or you can email them to him the night before.

Staff Management

iTrade Job Management Software allows you to keep employment records for all the tradesman on your team -­ personalised to suit your business ­

Staff Management

You can add as many staff as you need - free of charge - for record keeping purposes, and you still only pay for those designated ‘Workers’.

Worker Analysis Reporting


See the turnover and profit for each individual within your business.

Automated Timesheets


You won’t need a timesheet or diary notes to remind you who to bill anymore, or spend hours checking their timesheets.

Read more about Automated Timesheets »


Quality and Compliance

Ensuring quality and compliance is a breeze with the the iTrade app - made by tradesman, for tradesman.

GPS Job Reports


With iTrade you will have access to GPS stamped job reports for every job completed by your guys ­ and it shows maps of where you were when you ‘Started’, arrived ‘Onsite’ and ‘Completed’ each job. iTrade automatically changes the job from ‘Started’ to ‘Onsite’ when you are within 50 metres of the destination.

Reduced Slippage


Business owners hate slippage, ­so does iTrade. By entering job details and materials used before leaving the job site, there’s a lot less forgetting and leaving items off the paper work. And because iTrade shows a timer running on all jobs, when it comes to adding their hours on the job, your guys are going to have to come up with some pretty good excuses for why they don’t match!



Electricians and Gas Fitters can easily and quickly produce Certificates of Compliance from within a job and most of the fields will be pre-­populated saving time. Certificates can be emailed from the workers mobile device or at any time from the server and they will be saved in the customers main account for seven years.


iTrade job management software is fully customisable for your operations­

Custom Fields


Create unlimited Custom Fields to suit your business for tracking installations, site info, or what have you. These can be made compulsory on jobs so that vital data is not forgotten and this information is gathered in each customers account.

Marketing Sources / Customer Types


Create unlimited Custom Fields to suit your business for tracking installations, site info, or what have you. These can be made compulsory on jobs so that vital data is not forgotten and this information is gathered in each customers account.

Job Forms


Create your own forms for things like JSA’s or insurance company requirements which become PDF’s attached to the job on completion, you can even make them compulsory on jobs so they don’t get forgotten.

Materials Management


Import any number of your suppliers price books, Create and name up to 3 different sell price categories. Create your own Kitsets, Backup, Restore and Export your materials inventory. Change descriptions to more ‘Customer Friendly’ descriptions (or add your own ‘My Code’ descriptions)  
Read more about Materials Management »

Job Options


Recurring Jobs – Create for any interval, and include notes and assign to a worker or leave unassigned.
Job Templates – Create as many as you like, include job notes and make various custom fields compulsory.



iTrade currently supports $US, $CA, $AU, $NZ, Pounds, Euro's and Rand. (South African users will be billed by us in US dollars)

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Practical solutions and Xero integrations are available to all clients

Accounts Integration


Seamless integration with Xero means your closed jobs are automagically draft invoices in Xero ready for checking + sending. Other options include, CSV Import/Export to any compatible accounting system, or iTrade can create and track your invoices for you.

Read more about Accounts Integration »

Fully Automated Maintenance


Send automatic email reminders based on installation date or maintenance due date. See when each customers next email will be sent or when their last email was sent.

Built-in unsubscribe and choose which contacts receive these emails.

Back Ups


We do it all for you, ­so you can get back to fishing. For your security and piece of mind iTrade’s servers are hosted by Amazon web services (one of the largest cloud providers in the world) and we have mirrored northern and southern hemisphere located servers for disaster recovery purposes as well as a complete system backup taken every 24 hours and held in a non AWS location in a 3rd country.

Get started with your free trial today!

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