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How To Easily Keep Your Trades Business Organised

If you are someone who likes to have their life organised, then you might be wondering how you can keep your business organised as well. After all, when you are dealing with customers and suppliers, there is a lot of paperwork and other things that can become very confusing if you do not have a sound system in place. Here are a few tips that you can use to make sure that your trade business is organised and running smoothly.

Tradespeople onsite

Use a Job Scheduler

Having a job scheduler maximises productivity by assigning any jobs that come up to your closest available worker in the area and displaying where all your team members are at any given time.

By using an effective job scheduler ​you will also be able to receive updates while your workers are out in the field. How cool is that? This means you will be able to know when jobs are finished. At the same time, the calendar automatically updates to display free spots available, allowing you to take on new work easily.

Improving customer satisfaction by ensuring that orders are fulfilled on time and that products meet quality standards.

Therefore, by using material management software you can ensure you get to spend more time on your business and let iTrade manage your materials. This software has been thoroughly tested with trade businesses, who use it confidently daily! This highly adaptable solution will work out of the box or customise it to suit any job.

Features Include:


  • Lightning-fast setup, import supplier price books with ease

  • Create your kit sets for quick billing.

  • 3 custom price levels included

  • Per customer pricing options built-in

  • Important permission settings: you choose who sees which prices

  • Awesome options like ‘charge by height and width’

  • Unlimited labour rates

Keep Your Costs in Order

There are many reasons why cost management is important for trade businesses. The biggest and most obvious reason is that it keeps your business afloat by ensuring you make a profit, not a loss. But that's not all…

Having an effective cost management system provides you with less stress having to handling financial situations and can even identify areas where costs can be reduced. Providing business owners with more informed decisions about where to allocate their resources. This results in a better understanding of their own cost structure and how it compares to their competitors.

Paper Timesheets are a thing of the past…

If you're a business owner you know how much of a mission filling out paper timesheets. Not only do they require heaps of manual labour, but they also can get messy and complicated when things go missing.

Whether you are someone with an extensive team or a one-man machine, how good would it be to no longer spend your precious time or your team's time checking and filling out timesheets? Plus, have a system that reminds you to bill your clientele so you never miss a payment.

This is why swapping to automated digital timesheets is a good decision. Great software to use is iTrade, where workers can easily view and edit their own timesheets to ensure accuracy. This means workers can effectively manage their sick and holiday pay as well, all while giving you access to everyone's data in a matter of seconds.

Features of iTrades Timesheet Software Include:


  • Fast and easy setup

  • Workers can review and edit their timesheets

  • No need for manual timesheet reconciliation

  • View GPS data next to timesheet jobs

  • Easily view current and previous timesheets

  • Ability to add sick and holiday leave downtime

As you can see, there are so many benefits to upgrading from paper timesheets to a futuristic, simplified, and on-the-go system.

Have effective Material Management

There are several reasons why effective material management is essential when owning a trade business. As you know materials are a major cost component in any business, so effective management can help to reduce overall costs.

Materials management can help to ensure that the correct materials are available when and where they are needed, which can help to improve productivity. Good materials management can also help to reduce waste and improve quality control.

If you want professional help to understand better your business's financial situation, great software to use is iTrades Xero integration. This software performs heaps of tasks, such as moving your closed jobs automatically to draft invoices in Xero ready for checking + sending. Easily integrating your jobs with one click to use Xero online accounting software. Login from your PC, Mac or smartphone. This is all about making the books easier to run so you can focus on growing your business profitability.

Keep on top of quotes

Just like every aspect of your business, quotes are another thing for you as a business owner to keep on top of, so making this job as easy and quick as possible should be a priority. The more quotes, the more business, after all.

iTrade's quoting app function simplifies the quoting process and produces professional-looking quotes. Whether you are looking for a basic quote template or a proposal that is customised to your company by using your logo, colours, and any additional PDF attachments that may need to be included. iTrade has the processors you need to provide potential clientele with detailed, accurate, and professional quotes.

Scaling a business's profitability requires the ability to win the right jobs. iTrade’s proven detailed job costing functionality ensures your business can quote faster, more accurately, and in an ideal repeatable format.


It is clear that using iTrade to keep your trade business organised is highly beneficial. Not only does it save you time, but it also ensures that everything is kept in one place so that you can easily find what you need. What's more, iTrade makes it easy to track your progress and see how your business is doing. So if you're looking for a way to streamline your trade business, iTrade is definitely the way to go.


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