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Revolutionising Form Building for Tradesmen: Introducing iTrade’s Enhanced Forms Builder

The future of efficient form-building is here. iTrade’s revamped Forms Builder is the answer to all your documentation needs, marrying innovation with real-world trade necessities. No more are forms just a part of job records; they now weave seamlessly into quotes and other operational areas.

The Transition

Breathe easy. We've ensured that all your prior forms, layouts, and settings remain intact, offering a hassle-free shift.

Features Crafted for Trade & Service Businesses Include:

For All Techs

Custom fields in your customers account mean you can store/save detail about panel and sensor locations, serial and model numbers, and warranty specifics with precision.

Compliance is Key

Electricians, your compliance process just got simpler. Directly embed certificates of compliance (COC), electrical safety certificates (ESC), and records of inspection. Use the job notes feature to auto-fill these documents – a time-saving win with no additional charges or apps required!

Safety First

  • Integrate SWMs, JSA, and "take 5" safety checks.

  • Streamlined evaluation with Pass/Fail/NA options, coloured highlights, and a hierarchical approach to structuring your forms ensures clarity and compliance.

Smart Automation

  • Set reminders for maintenance, helping ensure repeat business. One customer noticed a 25% uptick in service requests with this feature alone.

  • Navigate with ease through the dedicated "FORMS" tab. Need guidance? The "Form Building Guide" is your ready reckoner.

Tailored Experiences

  • “Make Compulsory” fields that sync with your operational needs, be it per job or per worker.

  • Conditional logic paves the way for dynamic forms, adapting based on input. Including "If YES," "If NO," "If PASS," and "If FAIL" branches.

  • The "Free Forms" tab offers pre-crafted forms which, yes, bear your logo without a hitch.

Canned Answers

Streamline responses with pre-set answers, reducing repetition and saving valuable time.

Client Signatures

Obtain official endorsements with client signatures directly on your forms, enhancing professionalism and authenticity.

Enhanced Media Integration

Enrich your forms with images, be it embedded photos or custom headers, adding a visual dimension to your documentation.

Hierarchical Structuring

Organise your forms comprehensively with headings, subheadings, duplicatable subheadings, form statements, and worker statements.

Customised Compulsory Fields

The "Make Compulsory" feature now offers advanced options, allowing you to set fields as mandatory once per job or once per field worker, aligning perfectly with your operational needs.

Effortless Emailing

Send completed forms directly via email from within a job, promoting seamless communication.

Third-Party Forms

We now have 3rd party forms, allowing your worker to complete a form and send it directly to the client for them to sign or complete as required.

No hidden charges. No complicated set-ups

The new iTrade Forms Builder is included in your simple monthly fee with no additional charges for compliance certificates. Just a comprehensive form-building solution tailored to the unique needs of tradesmen.

Walk through iTrade's new forms feature visually below:

Here’s to making scheduling, quoting, H&S compliance, and project management effortless.

Harness the power of iTrade's new Forms Builder – where efficiency meets innovation.


Team iTrade.


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