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Electrician Quote Example

Great quotes convert more leads quickly and easily​​ - This Electrician quote example is a winner

You can download our Electrician quote example below

Manually generating and tracking quotes is a time consuming and frustrating task. Automating much of this repetitive task using a quoting app is a time-saving and effective solution.


The ability to create professional looking quotes that are designed to convert has the potential to improve your workflow and increase sales. The electrician quote example below shows you how its done.

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Ideally, your quote needs to includes several key features - see our electrician example quote below for more detail:

Identify who is involved in this quote

  • Your quote should clearly identify you and your company, including your logo, address and contact details. In the electrician quote example below, you can see full details of the electrician firm and their customer.

  • Equally, make sure you clearly identify your customer so that their is no confusion

  • Use a numbering system so that you can easily track this quote with this customer

  • Specify what you are providing for this customer. Is it an estimate - a ballpark figure with a rough outline of the work - or a quote, which includes an exact price, detailed work and pricing, and is binding.​

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​Clearly state the relevant dates 

  • Include dates on your quote and specify how long the quote will remain valid

  • You might also wish to include when you think you will be able to start the job, and and how long it will take.

Be clear about what you are providing ​

  • Specify if this is an estimate - a ballpark figure with a rough outline of the work - or a quote, which includes an exact price, detailed work and pricing, and is binding.​

  • The electrician quote example below is clearly a quote. This is an important distinction to make.

​Use a friendly introduction

  • Begin your Quote with a friendly introduction that allows you to create a connection with your customer

  • Make it clear that you have been listening, and that you understand why they have contacted you and what it is they want you to do for them

  • Outline the problem that the customer is experiencing, and how you can solve it for them


Now break it down to items and pricing

  • List all of the time based service you will provide, and be clear what your hourly rate is, and how many hours you expect the job to take.

  • List the products that will be used together with quantity and price for each product.

  • Use totals and sub-totals to make it clear what the job will cost the customer. You don't want there to be any confusion or surprises when the final invoice arrives.

  • Be clear which items are necessarily compulsory for the job, and which are optional. The electrician quote example has a section for both.

You will find all of these sections in the electrician quote example following.

Electrician Quote Example

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​​How to Quickly Create a Professional Looking Quote

iTrade is the best value and fully featured job management and quoting app for tradesman. iTrade's simple building block process makes creating your own template a breeze:

  1. Introduction - create a strong connection with your potential customer

  2. Scope and Pricing - list the major aspects of work to be completed, followed by the time and materials needed for the job.  The project can be broken up into pre-saved schedules for frequent jobs, and each schedule can have compulsory or optional items.

  3. Exclusions and Notes - specify the boundaries to the project

  4. Footnotes - add any final notes for clarity

  5. Attachments - Select which documents will be included as attachments when you email this quote to your customer. Uses include your terms of trade, product brochures, etc

  6. Logos & Images - Selected logos and images will be embedded into the quote at the end. Uses include brand logos, membership logo etc.

Sending and Accepting the Quote 

iTrade offer the ability to email a PDF or a webpage view of the quote.

  • Sending a link allowing customers to view, accept options, send a note or ask a question.

  • Customers can accept online at their leisure, or download the PDF from the link. 

  • See the exact time and date that your potential customers viewed the quote.

  • iTrade offers 8 different ways to display pricing, 4 ways to display tax (GST, VAT, Sales Tax or No Tax) and a “Traditional” or “Contemporary” layout, adding up to 64 different views. 

Features to look for in a quoting app

Ideally you want to use a quoting app that includes the following as a minimum:

  • A variety of default templates

  • Helpful default expiry dates

  • Schedules with pre-set items and pricing for frequently used jobs

  • Automated reminders based on dates on the quote

  • Minimum margin settings to help protect your profitability 

  • Powerful mandatory attachment options i.e terms of trade, company profile

  • Handy preset reply email address for quotes – don’t miss a job

  • Total flexibility with itemised line pricing or itemised one price options

  • Quotes can be a simple one page, or a multi-page document like the example below.

Est Schedules.jpg

Unbeatable Features for an Unbeatable Price 

iTrade is the best value job management software for tradesman, and is used throughout New Zealand, Australia and the United Kingdom.


Itrade also includes the following features:

Get Started with your FREE trial today!

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