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I found iTrade on Google and it was really simple to use

GPM Limited: Set up for Success with Effective Administrative Systems

The price for iTrade was very attractive so we moved over from a free software that we were not happy with.

- Melanie Gregory,

Co-Owner and Admin Extraordinaire, GPM Limited


The Business: Introduction

A drive to buy that fixer-upper has seized our small nation. With an abundance of online and broadcast content to choose from showcasing transformations of tired to trendy properties, it’s no surprise. Throw in a few lockdowns plus a DIY kiwi attitude, and you’ve got a country-wide ambition to make what’s old, new again. We love this culture, as do our clients James and Melanie from GPM Limited.

They have made it their business to renovate and refurbish residential properties, plus maintenance services both outdoors and in. Established in 2018, this husband and wife duo does it right when it comes to this trend of renos and refurbishments. In the place you call home, skills, and organisation that will see a project carried out in the most hassle-free way is what you’re looking for. Anyone who has lived in, through, or around this kind of project will know!

To provide the best results, while also avoiding marital mayhem, owners Melanie and James needed a job management system that had multiple benefits for their business. Something offering features they valued, such as storing detailed client information in one place, eliminating unnecessary questions with easy job setup and communication between parties, and affordability.

The Heart and Soul:

Enter James: The man with the plan… and the tools.

Enter Melanie: Admin extraordinaire. Juggler of home and work life.

A match made in trades-business heaven, these two are the core of the company, coordinating, running, and finalising all of its projects.

Melanie is also a stay-at-home mum who manages all of the chaos that comes with family life. Being a Mum, plus being in the business, means extra demands on the tools you have at your disposal when it comes to organisation. Things need to run smoothly, to save on time and mental energy. We were pleased to hear from Melanie that iTrade’s job management software alleviated some of that pressure.

I work from home and look after our children. iTrade does save some time which helps me to work less and spend more time with our kids.

The essentials for Melanie when it comes to a program that will benefit her, her family, and her business are:

  • I need time to be tracked really well.

  • Working with my husband, patience is short. So we need things to work well to keep the peace.

  • It helps to eliminate unnecessary questions between my husband (fieldworker) and myself (admin/accounts) when invoicing.

  • Using it to track jobs so nothing slips through the gaps.

The Problem: Costly Software Programs That Didn’t Serve This Small Business.

After trialing other programs that didn't serve these essential needs, Melanie shopped around for alternative job management software that would suit a business in the trades. Ideally, something that had accounting integrations, organisational systems, like our job scheduler, that were user-friendly, and would make their processes simple and easy to follow.

We knew and had used other job tracking software, but they had many flaws or were too pricey. We like to have all the information regarding each job stored including photos, notes, location, tenants, or owner's details.

The search for a better fit began. Reviews show that iTrade wins on quite a few comparison points vs similar apps like Aroflo or Simpro. A few other options Melanie tried had high monthly costs, so the team at GPM limited turned to some free options.

We tried a different free software, but there were too many errors and glitches.

Finally, Melanie landed on iTrade.

I found iTrade on Google, and it was really simple to use.
The price for iTrade was very attractive so we moved over from a free software that we were not happy with.

Another issue that Melanie brought up was the lack of direct contact with customer support services when using other job management software programs. Her experience found that:

Businesses have tried to move away from having someone to contact directly. With iTrade it was a nice change of pace. Frustrating thing is that 90% of the time you need an answer fairly quickly otherwise it halts you where you are.

We pride ourselves on customer support here at iTrade. It's essential to understand that running a business requires quick access to tools and resources to solve problems and create solutions, that's why we strive to maintain a direct line of contact with our clients.

The Solution: Well-priced Job Management Software with Accessible Customer Support.

Melanie asked, and we were proud to hear that in her eyes, we delivered. With our extensive customer support options for our clients, using the software has streamlined her inquiry process when it comes to using the software:

I really appreciate being able to message Dom and always receive a reply in 24 hours. He’s quick to respond, resolving queries and following up. Customer service side is really appreciated.

Great news. But we wonder, does the rest of the software measure up?

For GPM Limited, it does!

Melanie told us that not only was she happy with the price, but they utilise the features iTrade has to offer to organise and track their tasks, including:

  • Using it to track jobs so nothing slips through the gaps.

  • Uploading photos from the road.

  • My husband when on the road uploads materials and receipts.

  • There is no need to manually track paperwork. Can invoice easily.

Final Thoughts?

We asked Melanie what advice she would give a business looking for a new job management system.

Her response?

We have already told several friends who have set up businesses how beneficial it can be to have good administrative systems in place.

We’re glad that iTrade’s job management software was able to assist and provide the tools and resources that Melanie and the team at GMP Limited needed to achieve this. An administrative system that is functional, affordable, and simple to use is crucial in running small businesses in the trades.

We appreciate the time Melanie took to talk with us and give us valuable feedback and advice on using the iTrade software.


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Customer: GPM Limited

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