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It’s absolutely blown me away... that I can talk to iTrade about anything

Hallrite Plumbing: Helping family-run trades businesses be their best.

“It has absolutely blown me away, the fact that I can communicate to the guys [at iTrade] about anything. I’m happy to promote as much as I can because we’re getting such great value out of it”.

- Mike Hall, Hallrite Director


We'd like to introduce Mike. Plumber extraordinaire, business owner, and director of Hallrite Plumbing. The best and oldest plumbing company in Gisborne according to our sources!

Plumbing van on construction site

Mike has seen the family business into its third generation, continuing a legacy built on good family morals and high-quality services as established by founder Brian Hall in 1970.

As a family business owner who values quality interactions with his team and customers, Mike gave the team at iTrade NZ great insights into what makes his business tick.

“We pride ourselves in doing very professional work and we hold a high moral standard. We love to have repeat customers so we make sure that we have good open communication with everyone we deal with.”

The heart and soul: Mike Hall

Naturally, growing up with a father dedicated to his craft in the trades, Mike was inclined to make his own mark in the industry. His father Brian Hall who established the business had done his apprenticeship under the late Barry Moss and began to build the reputable business that Hallrite is today.

Mike himself held on to his childhood knowledge, and expanded, as well as diversified it, by gaining the Certifying plumber, gasfitter, and drain layer qualifications on his career journey. He began his career as an electrician, then in 2009 transitioned into the family business with new skills and insights under his belt.

This diversification has seen the business grow and has now welcomed his three sons who are also in drain laying and plumbing.

This is the heart of Mike and his team's idea of great customer service. It is what sets them apart, a family-driven, heart-felt business, committed to top-quality work.

Freeing up time: How to reduce paperwork with integrated invoicing systems.

To achieve the level of quality customer interactions and teamwork that Hallrite is so reputable for, Mike needed an effective and integrated job management system. Ideally, one tailored for the trades. iTrade has even taken it a step further by having a program specifically for those in the plumbing business, with its own unique features. He loved the fact that iTrade seamlessly integrates with Xero accounting software, simplifying the entire process from quoting to tracking and invoicing. This allows the team to spend “more time to spend on communication and team-building”, and less on tedious paperwork.

paperwork for inputting to accounting software

“iTrade has put everything [invoicing, quotes, job management, communication] into one place and streamlines it. iTrade saves you a lot of time by simplifying the process and streamlining systems, avoiding double or triple entry, eliminating old worksheet books, and, in many cases, allowing invoices to be emailed (or posted) the same day.”

The greatest benefit in Mike’s eyes?

“There’s no more wasting time with manual systems where information was handled 5 to 7 times before the job was eventually invoiced.”

The result: More time spend on quality interactions

When it comes to the true value of job management software, for business owners like Mike it is undeniably to do with freeing up time for the things that matter. To gain back this time operations need to run smoothly, simplifying the number of steps in seeing out a job from start to finish is key. Plus, a great price never hurts!

When asked why Mike switched to iTrade, his response was simply:

“To be honest- the price! And then, the simplicity. It integrates with Xero really well. We actually changed to Xero, because we wanted iTrade.”

“With less time spent quoting, and invoicing, we can spend more time getting more work. Now we have so much work, we do not have enough staff.”

A good problem to have for a growing business. It has allowed them more time to focus on growth, and significantly reduce the double handling of work. The efficiency that comes out of having a more integrated accounting system, especially one that includes Xero invoicing, has transformed the way Mike and the team do business.

Communication is key. Making the most of free customer support with iTrade.

For Mike and the team, communication is high on the list of professional values. It is a key component to delivering the highest quality service to his clients and maintaining a clear and orderly workflow amongst team members. So of course good communication was also a top priority when it came to choosing a program that would get their organisational systems on track.

“It’s absolutely blown me away, the fact that I can communicate with the guys [at iTrade] about anything.”

“They had open communication with our team, and are always open to new ideas. Dom and his team listen to ideas and implement those that can help all users.”

It was important to Mike, and to all of our customers at iTrade, to keep these unique needs in mind, ensures hassle-free communication and payment.

Final thoughts? Why iTrade NZ is the best online job management and billing software for tradies:

“Go with iTrade. It is an awesome product, and the backup service and support are second to none. And then the pricing beats the competitors too!”

Communication, efficiency, simplicity, and of course, great value, are the things that matter in a small, family-run business in its 3rd generation. From humble beginnings as a solo plumbing business, now staff, services offered and incoming work have grown phenomenally thanks to the family's focus on quality and communication. It has also diversified, each generation leaving its mark. We are glad to be part of Mike and his team’s business journey, bringing simplicity and ease to everyday job tracking and management.

We appreciate the time Mike took to give his feedback on our software, and are honoured to share his story with our community of hard-working, business-savvy tradespeople.


Are you interested in trialing our software for yourself and your business?

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Customer: Hallrite Plumbing & Gasfitting Gisborne

(06) 863 0321

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Lionel Hasenberg
Lionel Hasenberg
Jun 03

Mike is definitely the best and talented Plumber director of Hallrite Plumbing, Gisborne's oldest plumbing company. He managed to run his family's legacy by providing high-quality service to their clients. Plumber Plantation FL experts are exactly doing the same work from past years for us in our area.

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