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iTrade saved me from endless admin!

Josh MacKenzie Electrical: With iTrade, Diaries and Paperwork is a Thing of the Past

I was time-poor doing all admin myself. iTrade allowed me to put on an extra employee that I wouldn't have been able to before.

Not having to use paper has been an organisational game-changer.

- Josh MacKenzie,

Owner, Expert Electrician, Family Man


The Business: An Introduction

Speaking to hands-on business owner and director Josh MacKenzie at Josh MacKenzie Electrical (JME), we learned immediately that the man and the business were as united as the name implies. Josh and the team at JME have a solid commitment to delivering a high level of customer service, working hard to achieve the most efficient and cost-effective outcome for their clients.

The glowing customer reviews for this bright and booming business, which can be found dotted around their various contact pages, simply reinforces Josh, and the companies, dedication to a high-quality, solidly delivered product.

The business focus is boutique builds and renovations, commercial and Government maintenance, and installations of refrigeration and air-conditioning. So whether it’s residential, commercial, or council, Josh and the team have a wide range of clients covered, making them a true one-stop shop for their local community.

Their team is a collective overflowing with experience and knowledge.

The vast experience, knowledge base, and expertise available to Josh MacKenzie Electrical allow us to widen the scope of our work and quality. It also enables us to provide a one-stop-shop to our customers. We pride ourselves in providing outstanding results in the commercial, residential and industrial sectors. We cater for all electrical systems.

Using only the latest products, design, and equipment, combined with experience, skills, and knowledge Josh MacKenzie Electrical delivers a unique service that focuses on keeping customer satisfaction a top priority.

The Heart and Soul: Meet Josh

We chatted with Josh about his business, his background, and his ideas around what makes great customer service. With such a tight-knit and supportive client base, it was evident that he, and JME, were considered by locals to be experts in this area.

Josh began as an apprentice electrician 15 years ago, spending time working for different employers and companies around Australia. After 9 years of learning, developing his skills, and refining his ideas on great customer service, he decided to go it alone and start his own business. From here, Josh MacKenzie Electrical was born.

Josh MacKenzie Electrical has a firm commitment to quality and customer service. We work hard to achieve the most efficient and cost-effective outcome for our clients, using only the latest products, designs, and equipment. With our skills and knowledge, we deliver a service that no one can offer, by keeping customer satisfaction as a top priority.

What we found interesting about talking to Josh, was his drive for flexibility and freedom in owning his own business.

I can’t even think about going back now. Kids change life and I love the flexibility of having my own business. You can go to Dr's appointments and pick up the kids.

We were also thrilled to learn that iTrade was a part of that journey, reducing his need for complicated administrative systems, and allowing him more freedom to spend on things that mattered to him. He shared with us his journey from time-poor to growing in free time, family time, and also importantly, farm time.

The Problem: Time Poor and Admin Heavy

Free time as a business owner can be hard to come by. With never-ending to-do lists, clients to manage, a team to lead, the last thing a business owner like Josh wants is problems with duplicating paperwork, confusing organisation systems, and difficulty invoicing.

Josh was facing a familiar problem to many business owners in the trades or managing on-site operations, as well as doing all of the admin himself.

Based on recommendations from other iTrade users, and the affordability of the program, Josh made the switch to our job management software, and soon saw great results in his business.

I was time-poor doing all admin myself. [iTrade] allowed me to put on an extra employee that I wouldn't have been able to before.

Duplicating paperwork was a specific gripe that Josh mentioned to us regarding his previous organisational system. Thankfully with iTrade's centralised and digital features, this problem was cleared right up!

Not having to use paper has been an organisational game-changer. Gives more time to be out on choice.

We think it’s great hearing that freeing himself from paperwork, memory, and admin has allowed Josh more freedom to get out of the office and do what he does best. Interacting with clients, supporting the team, and taking personal time.

It’s great not having to rely on memory. We were on paper before, diaries and things. People forget to fill it out, and it’s hard when they’re not on their game. Now you can track it all easily.

One of Josh’s most utilised features is the use of photo’s being uploaded and stored in the program.

Photo’s are a really big thing that’s come into play with real-estate projects. People want photographic proof.

The Solution: Simple features that reduce clutter and confusion.

As we mentioned previously, the greatest challenge Josh said he faced before introducing iTrade was paperwork duplication. We understand this issue all too well. Hence our entire job management program is a central, and digitised hub to keep everything a trades business could possibly need, in one easy-to-access place.

However, Josh and the team have found many other benefits to using the software. Some of his most utilised features from the software include:

Whether it’s tracking, accounting, timesheets, materials management, or any other administrative task in a trades business, these features are designed to offer simple solutions for our clients. Reviews show that iTrade wins on quite a few comparison points vs similar apps like Tradify or Fergus. We’re glad that these have worked for Josh in keeping track of the things that matter in his business.

Final thoughts?

To wrap up, we wanted to know how Josh was using his well-earned downtime that emerged from implementing an effective job management system. Turns out, he’s all about balance, and in the additional hours per week, he’ll spend shared between the business and hunting for new leads, and being back on the farm and spending time with his family. From what we gather, this is his happy place.

His best piece of advice for new businesses looking for a job management system is:

Don't go all-in on one program. Trial a few before you invest too much time into one that doesn't suit your business.

We’re glad Josh and the team at Josh MacKenzie Electrical found the solutions they were looking for. To learn more about our software, free trials, and features, or to read other happy customer stories, click the links below.


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