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iTrade helped grow our business through better communication

Moreland Glass: Communication Is the Cornerstone of Growth

Sick of losing notes? Is communication between your office and tradesmen on site lacking? Check out iTrade, you won't regret it! From scheduling to invoicing, your future jobs could not run any smoother!

- Bridget Costello,

Co-Owner and Organisational Expert, Moreland Glass


The Business: An Introduction

We love a well-executed industrial aesthetic. The look is clean, sophisticated, and modern. We spoke with Moreland Glass, our long-time iTrade customer who has nailed this on-trend look with their framing and glass services. Their impressive portfolio spans businesses and residential spaces across Melbourne.

Established over 25 years ago, our business takes pride in emphasising high-quality workmanship for jobs both big and small, while we continually strive to meet and exceed the expectations of all our customers.

Exposed framing is not the only arrow in their quiver. The team at Moreland Glass has mastered the craft of steel fabrication and glasswork and is on the path to expanding their family-owned business. What we loved the most about talking to Moreland Glass was that iTrade has been a part of that growth journey.

Tradie working on glass and steel fabrication

The Heart and Soul:

At its heart, this is a glass company. Its soul is that of a family business in its second generation with over 35 years of experience. Moreland Glass dedicates themselves to their clients and their craft. They are personable, personal, and love what they do.

We attend domestic and commercial jobs which means we get to meet cute families and their dogs as well as architects, tradies, and project managers. We deal with all different demographics which makes the job a bit more exciting.

Speaking to Bridget Costello, co-owner and family member, we learned that the team enjoys tackling projects of all sizes, both simple and ambitious. Their relationship with iTrade began here. To do this good work, their team of twelve needed to transition from manual and labour intensive project management techniques (think whiteboards and lost paperwork) to something a little more streamlined.

The Problem: Communication is Tricky When No One is in the Same Room.

We didn't have very good organisation & communication between the office staff and the tradies going on site. Lots of paperwork would go missing & important things would get left out.

It is a tale often told amongst tradespeople. How do you communicate effectively with your team when its members are barely in the same room?

They are out on the road attending to projects, buying materials, visiting warehouses, giving quotes, you name it. This is an industry friction point as old as the industry itself. Moreland Glass was no exception to these pressure points.

Thankfully, iTrade has capabilities and features to roll out all of the tracking and communication needed into one easy platform. From quoting to job management, time tracking, materials management, invoicing, and more.

tradie installing glass on commercial building

iTrade simplifies these tasks, but it still takes time, commitment, and organisation to ensure things run smoothly. Bridget and her brother have the organisational skills needed to ensure communication is clear. And iTrade has training options available to ensure that all clients are set up for success when integrating the software.

But how does the rest of the team feel about the change to their management systems? Thankfully, we were able to gain some insights into that transition as well:

Feedback from staff and guys on the road is that it’s easy to use - the notifications are instant when uploaded. There are easy lines of communication.

We were pleased to hear that iTrade could be a part of facilitating clear communication and growth within this family-owned and operated business.

Let’s Talk about Growth.

There is a reason they call them growing pains. Growth in a business is a process that doesn’t always run smoothly. But this is an area where we at iTrade feel we can help.

The team at Moreland Glass saw growth opportunities across the business. And integrating an effective job management software was helpful and necessary to keep up with the increased client roster.

We’ve got staff who are on the road every day, so we have to schedule in jobs all the time. It’s been even busier over the last few days with a growing team. We needed a better system for the growth of the team.

The Solution: Instant Communication, Anytime, Anywhere.

After talking to Bridget from Moreland Glass, we established that communication was the most valuable asset that iTrade brought to the table. She shared with us exactly how iTrade benefitted their business, why they chose us, and why they continue to choose us.

  • We notice that the management at iTrade is always constantly changing things to improve the way it works.

  • I have had a couple of inquiries with iTrade in the past year and they have always replied on the same day.

  • The software is affordable.

  • Adding jobs straight to the schedule - this is very beneficial as last-minute jobs pop up all the time and need to be added to the schedule immediately.

  • Job notes feature - this feature is amazing as our staff can write updates on the job and we see it immediately.

  • The choice to have notifications if tradesmen are running late for jobs - this alerts us in the office and that way we can call the customer.

  • Invoicing feature is beneficial as the customer's information has already been saved previously and it can be sent with one click! Fantastic!!

  • Files and attachments are beneficial as we can attach quotes and photos which is very useful for both the tradies and the office staff.

iTrade has helped grow our business to become more organised & to have better communication. It has also helped us during Covid-19 stage 4 restrictions in Melbourne as all businesses have to log where each staff member is at all times and this can be easily done using iTrade. It has helped our business save time!!

Final Thoughts:

iTrade has definitely saved us a lot of time and headaches! We can squeeze jobs in a lot better and map out our week without being in the same room as each other.

We appreciate Bridget and Mooreland Glass sharing their story and their experience with the iTrade software.


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Customer: Moreland Glass

03 9354 4468


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